Are you in a financial crisis or needs money

Do you need a Mortgage loan by private fin ance?

Do you need loan to settle your debt or pay your bills or start a nice business. You have a low cibil score and you are finding it difficult to get any kind of loan from Bnak.

 This is your chance to get a loan. We offer loans from 1lakh to 100crore. Against Lock and Key. All over mumbai with simple procedures, fast processing and loan disbursed but genuine customers only.

Lock & key loan available by private finance on flat and commercial property.

Lock and Key Loan by private financer in Mumbai,

Lock & key Terms.

Lock & key possession with sale deed 40- 50% of market value

Interest 2.5 – 3.5 percent per month.

3 months lock in period.

1 to 5 Years Loan tenure.

Loan approved in 3 to 4 days.

Customer doesn’t have to make any upfront payment. Customer have to submit all documents at his cost.

Documents once submitted will not be returned back at any cost.

Clear title  Acceptable property

Commercial: gala, shop, office, flat,  (must be vacant or has to vacant at the time of loan approval and give keys to the lender)

Residential: flat, bungalow, row house (must be vacant or has to vacant at the time of loan approval and give keys to the lender)

Funding amount:

Residential: 40% – 50%  of the valuation report

Commercial: 40% – 50%  of the valuation report

Lock and Key Loan in Mumbai.

Documents Required:

Kyc (Pan Card, Adhaar Card, Passport, )

Electric Bill, Ration Card


Property Docs

Property Tax Receipt

Oc (Occupation Certificate)

Share Certificate

Society Noc

Valuation & Legal Search Report.

Property title report,

Income Documents. ( Not Necessary )

1 Year Bank Statement

2 Year Itr Saral Copy With Computation Of Income, P&L, Balance Sheet, Tax Paid Challan.

 Lock and Key Loan process.

Customer has to first submit documents. then the search report and valuation is done by the  private financer. once this is done. A sale agreement is made between financer and customer. A clause is made if the customer pays the full amount the agreement shall be cancelled. and if the customer fails to repay the loan amount. the financer shall takeover the property. Stamp duty and processing fees will be paid by the financer. Which will be later deducted from the loan amount. Customer doesnt have to pay principal amount every month he just has to pay interest on time.